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n the following I would like to introduce some of my work. Considering that each of my knifes are unique and custom made the available stock is always changing however the following samples should give you a taste of my workmanship. If you are interested in any of my models or you would have your own idea please contact me and I will bring your idea to reality.

Knifes with damask blade

Layers: between 100-400 or any other personal preference. Blade hardness: 55-58 HRC depending on the materials used.

Conventional and stainless steel knifes

Materials: wide variety of steel (BÖHLER V960, K990, K720, K100, K110, F550) including stainless materials (440 C, ATS-34) Blade hardness: 55-60 HRC depending on the materials used.

[design: györgy somkövi] [photos: norbert serfőző]