Conventional and stainless steel knifes

Arne integral

Model: ARNE integral
Blade: UDDEHOLM ARNE steel,non stainless ,hardness 58HRC , Size: 135mm x28mm x5mm.
Handle: Ebony,925 silver pins. Size: 135mm.
Other: Fullintegral forging knife,handgraving :renaissance ornamental

Woodlore replica

Model: Woodlore replica
Blade: Forging O1 toolsteel ,59 HRC,non stainless Size: 110x28x4 mm .
Handle: Ebony , size 110mm.
Other: This knife the copy of Wilkinson Sword Woodlore knife. Overall lenght:220mm

VD 07

Model: Vadász 07
Blade: ATS34 stainless steel,hardnes:60HRC size:110X24X4mm. Scandi grind.
Handle: G 10. size:110mm.

VD integral

Model: Vadász integral
Blade: Uddeholm Arne (O1),non stainless.Hardness:59HRC. Size:100 mm x26 mm x4 mm.
Handle: Ebony.Size:120mm.
Other: Overall lenght:220mm.

GO3 integral

Model: GO3 Integral
Blade: ThyssenKrupp WNR 1.3505,non stainless. Hardness:59HRC. Size:140mm x:29mm x5mm.
Handle: Pernambuco.Size:120mm.
Other: Full integral knif.Overall lenght:260mm.

VD 01

Model: Vadászkés 01
Blade: Böhler F550, non stainless.Hardness:55 HRC Size:140mm x35mm x5mm.
Handle: Ebony, size: 120mm.
Other: overall lenght: 260mm.

VD 05

Model: Vadászkés 05
Blade: Böhler K720,non stainless.Hardness:57HRC. Size:110 mm x27 mm x5 mm.
Handle: Ebony.Size:110mm.
Other: Overall lenght:220mm.

NYZ 01

Model: Nyúzókés 01
Blade: Böhler F550 ,non stainless.Hardness:55HRC Size:80mm x35mm x5mm.
Handle: Ebony. size: 105mm.
Other: Overall lenght: 185mm.

NYZ 02

Model: Nyúzókés 02
Blade: ThyssenKrupp WNR 1.3505 ,non stainless. Hardness:58HRC. Size:70mm x34mm x5mm.
Handle: Wild orange wood.Size:70mm.
Other: Overall lenght:140mm.


Model: TLK
Blade: ATS34 stainless steel,hardnes:60HRC size:75X30X4mm. Scandi grind.
Handle: G 10. size:115mm.