Knifes with damask blade

SD 04

Model: SD 04
Blade: 3 layer damascus , non stainless , Hardness: 58 HRC. Size: 135 x 29 x 4 mm.
Handle: Reindeer horn, bubinga . Size: 115 mm.
Other: San Mai technology. Overall lenght:250 mm.

TRD 04

Model: TRD 04
Blade: Turkish damascus,non stainless. Hardness:57HRC.Size:180mm x28mm x5mm.
Handle: Silver,buffalo horn,silver,thuya burl. Size:115mm.
Other: Overall lenght: 295 mm.

TRD 03

Model: TRD 03
Blade: Turkish damascus,non stainless. Hardness:56HRC.Size: 90 mm x25mm x3.5 mm .
Handle: Ebony,bubinga.Size: 110 mm.
Other: Overall lenght:200 mm .

TRD 02

Model: TRD 02
Blade: Turkish damascus,non stainless. Hardness:55HRC. Size:150mm x28mm x5mm
Handle: Snakewood and ebony.Size:115 mm.
Other: Overall lenght: 265 mm.

LD 20

Model: LD 20
Blade: Wild damascus,non stainless,352 layer. Hardness:57HRC.Size:100mm x33mm x5mm.
Handle: Ebony.Size:130mm.
Other: Overall lenght:230mm.

LD 02

Model: LD 02
Blade: Wild damascus,non stainless,512 layer. Hardness: 58HRC.Size:165mm x36mm x6mm.
Handle: Mammoth ivory, 925 silver pins. Size : 110 mm.
Other: Integral knif. Overall lenght: 275mm.

LD 03


Model: LD 03
Blade: Wild damascus ,48 layer,non stainless. Hardness: 56HRC. Size:120mm x28mm x4mm.
Handle: Snakewood, stag-horn. size: 110mm.
Other: Overall lenght: 230mm.

LD 22

Model: LD 22
Blade: Wild damascus,non stainless,128layer. Hardness:57HRC.Size:95mm x28mm x4mm
Handle: Cocobolo,ebony.Size:105mm
Other: Overall lenght:200mm.